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Blisters, post-holing, spam and ramen, helicopter evacs, and hiker midnight. A not-so-expert romp through trails long and short by those who barely survived. Trail talk about prep, gear, food, legends, and misadventure with host Doc, with additional interviews with world travelers and adventure athletes. Amplifying the outdoor experience for those hooked on adventure!

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Classic Doc – Sections of the Trail: Muir Pass to Pinchot Pass

Summary In this classic episode that first aired on 5/9/20, Doc and the guys cover three passes in this 31-mile stretch of the John Muir Trail  Join the trek to hear about Starr Camp, the Forbidden Adirondack chairs, the Golden Staircase, Starsky and Hutch, and one of the most treacherous water crossings yet. Will they…More

Triple Crowner and NCT Thru Hiker Ryan “Constantine” Bunting

Summary Triple Crowner Ryan “Constantine” Bunting drops in to talk with Doc about some of the 20,000+ miles under his trail runners.  Along the way, they cover a lot of ground, including the challenges of having no finesse, being a slow learner, hockey injuries, snotty balaclavas, how to eat four dozen donuts in 24 hours,…More

Adventure Media Recommendations

  • Outside Magazine – Michael Wardian
  • Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder – Andrew Alexander King
  • Mile, Mile and a Half documentary, Drain the Hetch YouTube Channel, Rewilding by Micah Mortali, Everett Ruess: Vagabond for Beauty by W.L. Rusho, A Season on the Appalachian Trail by Lynn Setzer – Jay and Michelle Wilson
  • The Last Season by Eric Blehm – Jamie Compos
  • Darwin on the Trail YouTube Channel , Little Skittle IG – Ginger Ballz
  • To Measure a Mile documentary – Chris Carter
  • Farthest North by Fridjtof Nansen, Endurance by Alfred Lansing, Shackleton’s Forgotten Men by Leonard Bickel – Eric Larsen
  • Unsupported documentary, The Free Outside by Jeff “Legend” Garmire, The Adventure Gap by James Edward Mills – Jason Fitzpatrick
  • Billy Yang’s YouTube Channel – Billy, Gabi, and Elan
  • The Hungry Spork: A Long Distance Hiker’s Guide to Meal Planning by Inga Aksamit – Backcountry Foodie
  • The Ginger Runner YouTube Channel – Jamil Coury
  • The PCT Class Videos on Vimeo – Scrapbook
  • Jupiter Hikes YouTube Channel, The Pursuit of Endurance by Jennifer Pharr Davis  – Jupiter
  • Elina “Tip Tap” Osborne YouTube Channel – Little Skittle
  • Unsupported documentary – Jeff “Legend” Garmire
  • Haze Outdoors YouTube Channel – Shaun Explores
  • 2,000 Miles Together by Ben Crawford – Ben Crawford
  • Breath by Tim Winton – Rowan Smith
  • The Bucket List Family YouTube Channel – Cassie Johannes
  • IB TAT YouTube Channel – Jeff “IB TAT” Oliver
  • Backcountry Banter YouTube Channel – Nikola “Tesla” Horvat
  • How to Shit in the Woods by Kathleen Meyer – Heather “Sling” Kovach
  • Desert Solitaire by Edward Abbey – Nasty Noodle
  • Mile. Mile and a Half documentary – Josh “Goat” McDonnell
  • The Emerald Mile: The Epic Story of the Fastest Ride in History Through the Heart of the Grand Canyon by Kevin Fedarko, Fighting Monks and Burning Mountains by Paul Barach – Paul “Snake Eyes” Barach
  • To Shake the Sleeping Self: A Journey from Oregon to Patagonia, and a Quest for a Life with No Regret by Jedidiah Jenkins – Panda
  • Free Solo- Spencer “Hedgehog the High Pointer” Morrissey
  • The Last Season by Eric Blehm, Conifers of California by Ronald M. Lanner – Ape Man
  • Julia Sheehan’s YouTube Channel – Matt “Schmutz” Lyons
  • Highline documentary – Tayson Whittaker
  • The Sun is a Compass: My 4,000-Mile Journey Into the Alaskan Wilds by Caroline Van Hemert – Mountain Cat
  • Outmersive Films YouTube Channel, Mile. Mile and a Half documentary, Reel Rock YouTube Channel – Chris Smead
  • The Adventure Journal, The Snowboarder’s Journal – Eric Blehm
  • The Free Outside by Jeff “Legend” Garmire, The Pursuit of Endurance by Jennifer Pharr Davis, Journeys North by Barney “Scout” Mann, Grandma Gatewood’s Walk: The Inspiring Story of the Woman Who Saved the Appalachian Trail by Ben Montgomery – Carl “Prof” Stanfield
  • Sherpa documentary, Journeys North by Barney “Scout” Mann – Elina “Tip Tap” Osborne
  • Maiden documentary, Desert Queen: The Extraordinary Life of Gertrude Bell, Adventurer, Adviser to Kings, Ally of Lawrence of Arabia by Janet Wallach – Deana Zabaldo
  • Jay Wanders Out YouTube Channel – Second Chance Hiker
  • The Free Outside by Jeff “Legend” Garmire, Mud, rocks, Blazes: Letting Go on the Appalachian Trail by Heather “Anish” Anderson
  • Death, Sex, and Money Podcast episode “Former Pro Climber on Enduring Chronic Illness” – Amity Warme
  • The Secret Life of Walter Mitty movie – Julia “Rocket” Sheehan

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Doc knows a little bit about everything, but not enough about anything to be an expert. Keeping his nose above the waterline and his toes above the tree line.

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